Chris Brown with a New MJ tribute

The American Music Awards cancelled Chris browns performance tribute to Michael Jackson, according to the organizers it was “due to reasons best known to them”, naturally it caused an outrage from the black community but he let it go and instead pulled a new stunt.

On IG he shared something special with his fans, after sharing his rehearsal for the planned performance he previewed a new song “Transparency” where he sampled MJ’s “The Lady In My Life” which was scheduled for release earlier but had issues with the sample being cleared.

Brown apparently has had issues, specifically with getting clearance for the track. Because of this, it lives in his personal archives, though he says he’s asked about it on a regular basis.


I choose
911, baby, it don’t got no roof
Ooh, put you on the moon
Take you places like Tulum or Cancun
Total finesse like you in Belize
Hit it once and I take you straight out to Paris, yeah