Hulio Nelms

Lakeland’s artist drops new single “One More Time”

Georgian artists have been at the fore-front of hip-hop over the years with most of them being from Atlanta but it looks like other cities are trying to get ahead, Hulio Nelms from Lakeland, Georgia is trying to make a name for himself as well as put his city on the map.

Hulio Nelms has perfected his craft and created a niche for himself as one of the most talented rappers/singers with over 10 years in the music industry, he’s come a long way from the days of making music with the church group he joined before merging with a R&B & rap group.

The artist has citied that growing up in Lakeland has been one of his biggest inspirations and has a strong impact on his sound & style of music, On One more time, he intends to show a more emotional side of himself as he converses with a lost loved one, a great way to get to know the artist for his versatility & range.

Stream ONE MORE TIME by Hulio Nelms below