J. Cole had an exclusive interview with Warriors GM Bob Myers

J. Cole Joins in on the new episode of Lead By Example podcast where he talks about his earlier years, situation with his parents, growing up, school and how he managed to have two major careers, balancing a career in music & basketball.

The dreamville artist explains that he’s always been a talented baller right from his younger days in high school but talent has never been enough push for a career, what he lacked was the work ethic to follow up, he said “I loved basketball so much that my delusion was high. So to get cut [from the high school team] was a gut punch,”  and then he talks about how to get to the top, some sort of delusion is needed, he also cites Steph Curry & Allen Iverson as some of the athletes with that mindset.

J. Cole Talks about the dumbest thing he’s done

In a tell-it-all J. Cole admits to Bob Myers that as early as age 6 he was already smoking cigarettes & developed a habit, he recalls “6 years old, I was smoking cigarettes, regularly, around the neighborhood,” he also mentioned his mom letting him freely roam the streets at an early age but was not aware of the habit he had picked up.

As a kid, all he wanted to do was fit in with his older brother & his friends who were about 10 years old, “To them, it’s funny – they’re 10 themselves – so it’s funny for themselves. Nobody’s really worried about me. They’re 10 and smoking cigarettes,” “This is going on for 2-3 weeks. One day, I’m down the street at a house where it was happening at and my brother comes up and I asked one of our homeboys in the neighborhood, ‘You got any cigarettes?’”

His brother at the time said cole had no idea what cigarettes were, the friends confirmed that the 6 year old was no stranger to cigarettes which led to the brother telling their mom. While still in disbelief, his mom asked him to come so she could smell the cigarettes  “This was the life-changing moment right here. I saw her face. When she smelled cigarettes on my brother… her face was like heartbroken, it was disbelief, it was… crushed,” .

According to Cole, that right there was the first time he realized how much his actions could hurt other people and in that moment became more self aware, check out the full interview above.