BLXST new remix of Beyonce’s CUFF IT is here

BLXST the Los Angeles native and up-and-coming rapper/producer just released a remix of his hit song “Cuff It” with the artist WETTER. He has been making waves and has captured the attention of millions of fans with his distinct approach.

A noteworthy track on BLXST’s debut EP, “No Love Lost,” which was released in 2020, was the original version of “Cuff It.” The song demonstrated BLXST’s talent for fusing sultry R&B vocals with gritty rap lyrics, and it brought him instant notoriety.

With WETTER’s slick vocals and rap lyrics, the already catchy original of “Cuff It / WETTER Remix” gains a fresh perspective. The chemistry between the two performers is palpable throughout the song, and they are the ideal compliment to one another. With his slick delivery and fresh perspective, WETTER adds a new level of passion to the already poignant song.

The “Cuff It / WETTER Remix” has excellent production, with a powerful bassline and sharp drums that propel the song forward. The instrumentation is masterfully made and brings out the individual skills of both BLXST and WETTER.

Overall, BLXST’s already great discography has a strong addition with “Cuff It / WETTER Remix.” It demonstrates his capacity to work with other artists to produce something truly unique. Fans of R&B and hip-hop equally should listen to the song, which further establishes BLXST as one of the most intriguing emerging acts in the industry.


I feel like fallin’ in love
I’m in the mood to f*ck something up
I need some drink in my cup, hey
I’m in the mood to f*ck something up